Réalisation court-métrage Genève

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Daydream: no budget, a few hours and a lot of dreams.

Dive into my universe with “Daydream”, a short-film I shot near Geneva, Switzerland. As I child, I always imagined a life beyond earth. As for now I will not be able to go see what’s out there (and don’t have the budget for a space opera) I imagined that some of it can come to us on earth. I wrote and realised this short film from a child perspective, without all the worries of the adult life. I shout this movie in a small chalet on Mount Salève, with the help of some good friends and no budget. As Louisa schedule was really busy, we wrapped everything in a few hours at the end of November, with the worst weather you can imagine (Rain, wind, 4º celsius). I would have liked to have more time and do some reshoot but I decided to finish the short film anyway and learn all the lessons I could.

I hope you will have fun watching it !

Emeric Caron, Aigal Studio